Ways to Create the Dream Bathroom!


Ways to Create the Dream Bathroom

Renovating your bathroom sometimes can be an overwhelming process. You have so many ideas, some too broad, others too narrow, and many with a lack of imagination. We can help you by providing advice that kick starts your bathroom renovation project, and focuses your ideas. Let our guide renovate your mind so that you can create the bathroom of your dreams.

Focus on Function

Start developing bathroom renovation plans by focusing on the practicality of your bathroom. You need it to perform its basic functions: help you get ready for the day and get ready for bed. Therefore, make sure it functions and provides a comfortable bathroom experience–make it spacious and have storage area.

Pick a Theme

Look through some design magazines like Better Homes and Gardens, and Elle Decor for inspiration. Don’t just copy these designs, but use these images as a starting point for your own creation. To create the perfect bathroom for you, focus on the feelings that you want to evoke in it. Do you want your bathroom to feel like a luxury spa? Will it be the ultimate place of relaxation? Should it combine modern and classic bathroom structures?


Pick a theme that not only creates a certain feeling but fits right inside your home’s motif and atmosphere. Keep the bathroom theme in alignment with the overall theme of your home’s other decor.

Add Little Luxuries

Every person has a must-have list when it comes to their dream home or bathroom. Think of a few of your must-haves, and add them to your bathroom. If you want to create the spa experience, add a steam option to your bath or shower. Maybe you always envisioned an automatically flushing toilet, or a heat warmer on it. Draw these design extras when sketching out your bathroom renovations.

Your dream bathroom might also benefit from including some high-tech additions, like shower speakers, digital control shower, or a vanity television. Other luxuries may include your own emergency bathroom basket that contains slippers, towels, and a pajama set. Purchase all these items at cheap but comfy clothing stores like Aeropostale. Save on this mini luxury kit by using discount codes when buying each item for it.

Give it Texture

Decide what type of flooring you want to add to your bathroom. Wood, marble, tiles, and carpet are a couple of the major material that you may want to consider using on your bathroom floor. Think about how each of these materials communicate with the overall story of your bathroom and house. Pick the material that looks the best with your chosen theme.

Find the Perfect Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important parts of creating the perfect bathroom because it sets the tone for the entire experience. Decide what artificial and natural lighting you want to add to your bathroom. For natural lighting, consider adding windows to your bathroom. Then find out what angle causes the windows to produce the best lighting, so that you can frame them to reflect the most light.

For artificial lighting, consider colors, level of brightness, and how many sources of light you want to add to your bathroom.